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S.E QLD Investment Property – Wealth Creation For Retirement


Buy an Investment Property to Create Wealth for Retirement

Purchase an investment property for wealth creation and to improve your investment portfolio. House and land packages are a functional investment property strategy so that you can purchase an investment property which is both well priced and designed for your needs.

Another investment property strategy used for wealth creation is gearing an investment property. Gearing is the financial process where part of an individual’s or family’s combined income and a greater percentage of loaned funds are used to purchase an expensive asset (such as a residential investment property or rental investment property. This property investment strategy makes buying an investment property for wealth creation more affordable.

We have been able to use gearing to help clients create wealth for retirement and increase their investment portfolio. When gearing is used, you can buy an investment property using borrowed money and a relatively small cash deposits, as long as one as sufficient assets to borrow against.

As buying an investment property is a quite significant decision and a complicated process, our friendly and experienced consultants can provide information, statistics, market research and other investment advice. Our helpful consultants can help you search through investment properties and house and land packages so that you find the right investment property for the right price. When you follow our investment advice, you can have peace of mind that you are making the right decision.

We have created successful relationships with investors throughout South East Queensland (in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast) for many years and we continue to offer our services to help our clients with short-term investments and long-term wealth creation.

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