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Expert Information, Tips & Strategies on Property Investment and Mortgage Reduction

Keith & Val, Nerang, Queensland

I can only again say that our strategy with RPM Nationwide Services has totally changed our future financial circumstances, to dramatically improve our retirement position. Other benefits are removing mortgages and creating education funds for the children.


Robert & Sandra, Adelaide South Australia

We were impressed with RPM Nationwide Services professionalism, thoroughness and helpfulness in designing a plan which best meets our situation. We are looking forward with confidence knowing that through their careful and thoughtful approach, our future looks far better in terms of financial matters than had we not been assisted by them.


Frank & Leanne, Heatherton, Victoria

We can thoroughly recommend RPM Nationwide Services as a means to building long-term wealth and we look forward to continuing a happy relationship with them.


Jenny, Geelong, Victoria

If anyone wishes to talk to me, I would be happy to assist and answer your concerns honestly as did the person who casually mentioned this opportunity to us. I can say now, it has been the best and most financially satisfying investment we have made.


Jeff & Donna, Ormeau, Queensland

This program has given us opportunities we would have never imagined, greatly relieved our financial situation and given us an extremely bright future knowing we will own our home well before retirement age.


Robert, Mermaids Waters, Queensland

Dealing with Lloyd and the RPM team has had a fantastic and positive influence on my life and I look forward to continuing my dealings and financial growth with them. I would absolutely recommend anybody that is looking at investing in property and prefer the hard work involved to be done for you to seriously… Read More


Jamieson John, Forest Lake Queensland

After nearly 10 years of association with yourself and your firm, I’m happy to say that we have not had a mortgage for nearly 8 of those years and have amassed an investment portfolio of nearly 1.7 million, and growing


Linda and Eddie, Brighton

We have been associated with RPM Nationwide now for the past 6 1/2 years after recommendation from a relative. The value of our investment property has doubled in value enabling us to reinvest in yet another. We are happy to say that our own home is now mortgage free and our first investment is well… Read More


Helmut & Jill, Queensland

We have been clients with RPM Nationwide Services Pty Ltd for more than 2 years and found them to be very reputable and professional company. RPM Nationwide Services Pty Ltd is customer focused and has made it possible for us to enjoy financial freedom and build our investment properties portfolio (Three investment properties) with professional… Read More


M & L Healy. Parkwood

Since 2003 my wife and I have been under the astute guidance of the RPM nationwide team. Over the past 6 years we have built a portfolio of three investment properties which have enabled us to significantly reduce the mortgage on our own home and also provide us with financial security for the future. The… Read More

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