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Negative gearing an investment property


Negative Gearing – Property Investment Tips

Negative gearing is a method used to reduce the amount of income tax payable. Negative gearing an investment property occurs when the costs incurred (such as interest repayments and property maintenance) are higher than the income received from the investment property. Thus, the cash loss can reduce the amount of tax payed. As this is the case, you can worry less about making a loss on your investment property as the outcome of cash loss is reduced by the taxation system.

Most government charges are not tax deductible. However the many non-government chargers and costs are tax deductible. These costs can include:

  • loan setup charges
  • interest rate loan fees
  • depreciation on the building, fittings and fixtures
  • insurances (e.g. contents insurance and public liability insurance)
  • rental management fees
  • various other fees.

Positive gearing and negative gearing an investment property can make buying an investment property financially rewarding. We can provide our clients with investment property advice and negative gearing advice.

When providing advice we encourage our clients to plan and be well prepared before buying an investment property. By being well prepared you can protect your property investments and continue investment planning so that you can invest for your future. We have helped many of our clients achieve their investment and financial goals.

Our clients have been able to:

  • buy investment properties
  • reduce mortgage payments
  • reduce their debts
  • increase their cash flow and build wealth for their future.

Contact us increase your investment portfolios and create wealth today.

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