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“Proven Success Strategies For Building Your Property Investment Portfolio!”

With people quickly realising that the Government is not going to look after us in retirement, unstable economic times and money for retirement being a necessity, it’s crystal clear that building a property investment portfolio is a sound way to create, build and secure wealth for the future. The biggest mistake most people make when… Read More


“8 Tips for Protecting Your Investment Property Portfolio & Safeguarding Your Wealth Creation Potential”

Build then protect. That’s the turnkey of a successful property portfolio.

However, whether you’re a novice or experienced property investor,your property portfolio can be a great wealth generator…


Investment Property Tax Deductions

Brisbane Property Investment  Strategies As with any form of profit generating activity, the expenses you incur in order to make an income are generally tax deductible. Naturally, this applies to investing in property. Today we’ll be looking into the range of investment property tax deductions items you can claim in order to minimise your tax… Read More


Commercial vs Residential Property Investments

Investment Properties Brisbane We all know that investing in property can be a great way to generate passive income and create wealth but a question that frequently arises is whether to invest in commercial property as opposed to residential property. Both forms of real estate have their own unique attributes that may appeal to the… Read More


“How To Harness The Power Of Compounding”

Do you want to know the secret to increasing the value of your real estate investment property?

The effect of compounding has the power to exponentially increase the value of your investment property assets.

What is Compounding?….


“How To Protect Yourself From Losing Money On Questionable Investment Schemes!”

To invest or not to invest

Investment can be a lucrative business. It is also a risky one. Major global investment players have recently collapsed. Many investors have sustained significant loss. And it’s not over….


How to Finance Property Investments

Finance an Investment Property Investing in property is a great way to build wealth and there are few investment vehicles offering the same level of profitability and stability as real estate investment. One of the best ways to make money from residential property investment is to leverage debt and to spend other people’s money. Financial… Read More


“Scared of interest rates increasing?”

History has shown that when interest rates rise, so too does property value. Many people “believe” that property prices fall as interest rates increase. This belief is at times warranted due to the emotion that property should drop when interest rates increase, coupled with a very short term drop in auction clearance rates. We look… Read More


“Safe Investing in the Global Financial Crisis”

Investing in Property During the Global Financial Crisis With the Global Financial Crisis (GFC) still affecting the economies of the world it is probably a good time to sit down and ponder as to what is a good long term investment strategy for all of us here in Australia. Australians predominately invest in either the… Read More

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