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“Is Now A Good Time To Buy An Investment Property”

With the instability in world financial markets and the number of properties on the market, people have been asking ‘Is now a good time to buy an investment property?’ The answer is YES, now is certainly a good time to buy an investment property in Australia. This is the case, so long as you keep… Read More


Choosing Investment Properties

After arranging finances and making finances available for property investment, you can start searching investment properties in the area where you wish to purchase a property Considerations when buying an investment property There are three main issues which must be considered when buying an investment property. One consideration is the location of the investment property…. Read More


S.E QLD Investment Property – Mortgage Reduction Consultants

Mortgage Reduction Strategies To Reduce Mortgages If your mortgage payments are becoming expensive, consult with one of our financial specialises whom can inform you regarding debt reduction strategies and mortgage reduction strategies. Our consultants can use your investment property as a financial tool to reduce your mortgage payments. Our financial consultants will explain methods of… Read More


Negative gearing an investment property

Negative Gearing – Property Investment Tips Negative gearing is a method used to reduce the amount of income tax payable. Negative gearing an investment property occurs when the costs incurred (such as interest repayments and property maintenance) are higher than the income received from the investment property. Thus, the cash loss can reduce the amount… Read More


Property Investment Strategies and Tips

When it comes to property investment there are so many different financial decisions which can be made. Individuals and families must evaluate each decision to ensure that the best choose is decided. It is important that investors use all financial and investment tools at their disposal to buy an investment property sooner. Also these financial… Read More


S.E QLD Investment Property – Wealth Creation For Retirement

Buy an Investment Property to Create Wealth for Retirement Purchase an investment property for wealth creation and to improve your investment portfolio. House and land packages are a functional investment property strategy so that you can purchase an investment property which is both well priced and designed for your needs. Another investment property strategy used… Read More


SE QLD Investment Property – Investment Property Advice

Providing Brisbane Investment Advice For Years We have over twenty six years property investment experience. We can provide investment advice and property advice so that you can buy an investment property sooner. Our experienced team of property and investment advisors recognise that there are recurring cycles within property markets. These cycles can include phases with… Read More


“Proven Success Strategies For Building Your Property Investment Portfolio!”

With people quickly realising that the Government is not going to look after us in retirement, unstable economic times and money for retirement being a necessity, it’s crystal clear that building a property investment portfolio is a sound way to create, build and secure wealth for the future. The biggest mistake most people make when… Read More


Linda and Eddie Charman, Brighton Qld

We have been associated with RPM Nationwide now for the past 6 1/2 years after recommendation from a relative. Using the equity in our own family home enabled us to buy an investment property in Springfield Lakes through RPM. The value of that house has doubled in value enabling us to reinvest in yet another… Read More


Dave & Fiona, Surfers Paradise, QLD

This company, RPM Nationwide Services, specialises in the area of personal debt reduction and asset building with proven investment strategies. Some of the benefits I have gained from my association with this company include:

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