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“Proven Success Strategies For Building Your Property Investment Portfolio!”


With people quickly realising that the Government is not going to look after us in retirement, unstable economic times and money for retirement being a necessity, it’s crystal clear that building a property investment portfolio is a sound way to create, build and secure wealth for the future.

The biggest mistake most people make when starting a investment property portfolio!

Most people thinking of investing in property see a financial planner, however, financial planners are focused on steering people towards investment strategies such as stocks, shares, superannuation and managed funds. This means that many of them may have a hidden agenda as they are controlled and owned by bigger financial institutions to sell their products and services.

Now, to put that point into perspective, consider this. A report by the Research Association of Independently Owned Financial Planners discovered that a staggering 90% of financial planning advice shared with consumers was delivered by financial planning organisations that were owned by large institutions.

Your First Point of Contact And Free Information To Successful Property Investing Is Here!

Rather than seeing a financial planner, your first point of contact when thinking of investing in property should be to see a property investor who has the experience, skills and proven track record in property investing.

After all, it’s one of the biggest decisions of your life, and like most skills in life, creating wealth through successful property investing is a skill that can be learnt. But before you start you need successful people around you who live and breathe property investment so you can avoid costly mistakes, realise your property investment goals, your strategy and execute an investment property plan into action.

Now, if you’d like some free information that no property investor should be without, Get a free copy of our Basic Principles of Property Investing For Wealth Creation e-book while you can!

Some of the common reasons people fail to invest in property!

There are no magic bullets when it comes to investing in property, only to say you need a experienced investment property professional to support you, a goal and strategy that’s consistent and proven to work.

Based on my 26 years of property investing experiences, the common reasons most people don’t take action to invest in property are;

  • they think it’s all too hard to put together
  • they let ‘fear’ of losing everything hold them back,
  • and a lot of people think they don’t have the money or equity… which in most cases turns out to be incorrect, once they speak to their investment property professional.


90% Of Australian Millionaires Used Real Estate To Create Their Wealth. Here Is The Strategy Behind ‘Buying & Keeping’ investment property That They Used!

With more than 90% of all millionaires in Australia using real estate to become millionaires, the strategy to buying residential investment property that produces income is to make sure it is financed correctly so you can maximise tax benefits while you are employed.

After a period of time your property value and cash flow will have risen. At that time, you’ll be able to refinance your borrowings which will then enable you to purchase another property.

This strategy gives you the option of retiring earlier with an income producing portfolio behind you and if you need to reduce your borrowings upon retirement you can always sell a property or two in your portfolio.

Short-Term or Long-Term Investment. Many property investors go into investing in property with a short-term view. The main reason for this short-term investment attitude is driven by the media so they can sell newspapers and strike fear into people to promote their own media agenda.

The strategy behind ‘buying and keeping’ investment property for the long term can be hard for some investors to understand. The reason for that is many believe the only way to make a profit is to buy and sell after a period of time.

However, by keeping your investment property for the long term you can borrow against the increased equity to purchase more property and put your profits to work.

Furthermore, unlike traditional funds such as superannuation, shares and managed funds, the value of your investment property does not suffer due to variables such as;  fuel costs, share value, high unemployment or interest rates in the long term.

Why? Because for the past 100 years, the combined returns from rental yields and capital growth on residential investment property has averaged more than 15% per year compound, and with gearing this can increase dramatically.

Plus, investing in property lets you create wealth faster than traditional saving, shares or superannuation, gives you long-term financial security with minimal risk and gives you a strategy if you require funds to borrow against the equity of one of your investment properties.

In summary, negotiating a bargain price, finding the best interest rate, deciding when and where to buy and when to sell are extremely important for short-term property traders or renovators.

However, with long-term property investment, the purchase price, interest rates and timing are less important because of the levelling effect of time. This means that the longer you hold an investment property the more you get out of it, therefore the best time to purchase is today.

If you desire a pension plan with financial security and returns that supersede other investment strategies such as shares, term deposits and managed funds, property investment is a sound and proven way to create wealth for your future for little effort and big return!

To find out more about getting started on your path to investment property success or to review your current investment property strategy, please contact me, and don’t forget to download a free e-book full of valuable information on the Basic Principles of Property Investing For Wealth Creation.

Thank you,

Peter Morris
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